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Defu Technology Participated in the Annual Heavyweight Event of the PCB Industry and Dr. Zhang Jie Gave a Customized Copper Foil Solution at the Forum

On March 22nd, Luo Jia, president of Defu Technology, and Song Tiefeng, General Manager of Marketing Center, led a team to participate in the 2023 International Electronic Circuits (Shanghai) Exhibition at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. The theme of this exhibition was "Innovation + Intelligent Manufacturing, Linking the Future". As an annual event that linked the upstream and downstream of the electronic circuit industry and covered the entire industrial chain, this exhibition had brought together 729 companies from more than 20 countries and regions, with 62,423 visitors and an exhibition area of 55,000 square meters.



In this exhibition, our company displayed a variety of copper foil products used in high-speed, high-frequency and packaging substrates and held a new product launch. At the same time, our wholly-owned subsidiary also exhibited additives, anode plates and other products.


In this exhibition, many well-known enterprises had shown great interest in our products. Nearly a hundred new and old customers, copper foil enterprises, and industry associations at home and abroad came to the booth for visit and negotiation, including Shengyi Technology, Nanya New Materials, Huazheng New Materials, ITEQ Corporation, Shennan Circuits, Panasonic Industrial Devices Materials, Bomin Electronics, etc. The cutting-edge products that received the most attention in the exhibition were carrier copper foil, composite copper foil, and low-profile ultra-thick copper foil. Among them, composite copper foil, as a new type of lithium battery negative electrode current collector material, was a revolution in the material structure that complied with customers' pursuit of safety, energy density and cost, and was expected to further increase market penetration with its higher safety, higher energy density and lower mass production costs.


After the opening of the exhibition, Dr. Zhang Jie focused on the technical highlights of the industry's hot development fields and made a report under the theme of "New Technology for the Future". During this report, H-LRC copper foil for high-density interconnect board HDI, H-HSP copper foil for high-speed circuit boards, and H-HFP copper foil for high-frequency circuit boards for automotive radar were shared. Based on the background of understanding the characteristics and needs of customers, combined with the cooperation of our company's multi-faceted talents and equipment, we had created HTE series copper foils with various microstructures and shapes, which were suitable for different PP sheets of downstream customers, and had established "customized" matching with customers, allowing copper foil to establish a new era of cooperation with downstream customers.


PCB orders had begun to decline sharply and the entire industry was in a downturn since the beginning of 2022. In particular, some small and medium-sized enterprises were already facing the risk of stopping production. The 2023 International Electronic Circuits (Shanghai) Exhibition had gathered the industry elites for us to better understand the needs of upstream and downstream suppliers, and grasp new hot spots in the market more accurately. President Luo Jia was optimistic about the development prospects of the PCB industry and said that Defu Technology would continue to uphold the corporate philosophy to "Focus on product technology innovation, Implement the craftsmanship spirit of a great country" and adhere to the corporation vision of "Forging a leading brand in the world, Setting the standard in the copper foil", and maintain the values of "Employee First and Customer Centered, Create Value and Share Value", so as to keep up with the new trends in the world, constantly adapt to the needs of industry customers, and continuously develop new products of high-tech and high-performance, allowing Defu Technology to develop steadily in the global electronic information industry!


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