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Lithium copper foil

Copper foil is a crucial foundational material in lithium-ion batteries. It possesses excellent electric conductivity and mechanical properties, making it the preferred choice for the anode current collector. It plays a vital role in collecting an conducting electrons in the anode of lithium-ion batteries

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Defu Technology’s research and development efforts focus on the technological advancements of copper foil production, based on electrochemistry and materials science. It has established the Everest Laboratory and Kuafu Laboratory, which form a systematic R&D system covering fundamental research on crystal structure, simulation and analysis, modular development of process modules, and testing and evaluation of product samples. We have developed a core technological system centered around the fundamental theory and microscopic research of copper foil, as well as techniques such as ultrafine and coarse grain refining of copper foil.
We have integrated advanced testing and simulation technologies into our platform. This includes the implementation of cyclic voltammetry stripping testing and COMSOL multiphysics simulation techniques. We have also established the industry's first simulation and experimental laboratory. To support the continuous improvement of copper foil manufacturing, we have acquired state-of-the-art equipment such as high-resolution scanning electron microscopes (SEM), electron backscatter diffraction analysis (EBSD), inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometers, laser confocal microscopes, and vector network analyzers. These advanced tools enable us to enhance the production of copper foil and provide valuable
support in terms of analysis, characterization, and optimization processes. In terms of industry-academia collaboration, we have established partnerships and engaged in exchanges with leading academic institutions such as Peking University, Xiamen University, and South China University of Technology. This collaboration allows us to stay at the forefront of industry developments, maintain a continuous capacity for innovation and creativity, and drive the continuous improvement of copper foil manufacturing technology. Through our research and development platform and the translation of research outcomes into products, we commit to advancing copper foil manufacturing technology and promoting the sustainable development of the copper foil industry. Our ultimate goal is to provide customers with higher quality products and services that meet their evolving requirements.

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Overseas business

In recent years, with the rise of the global electrification wave, DeFu Technology has formulated a globalization strategy, accelerated the expansion of global customers and businesses, and continuously optimized its global business layout. The company has established one research and development center, three production bases, and two sales centers worldwide, with business operations spanning dozens of countries and regions.

In the future, DeFu Technology will continue to deepen its overseas business layout, gradually establishing an integrated overseas business center encompassing research, production, and sales, with the aim of further enhancing the international influence of its products. Considering that the electrification trend is still evolving and global demand for new energy vehicles and related products is expected to continue growing, DeFu Technology anticipates achieving a broader market space and business development opportunities through ongoing expansion of its overseas business.